Black Album

Tri Coloured Ribbon

I had a true love if ever a girl had one
I had a true love a brave lad was he
One fine Easter Monday with his gallant comrades
He started away for to make Ireland free

All around my hat I wear a tri coloured ribbon
All around my hat until death comes to me
And if anybody's asking me why do I wear it
It's all for my own true love, I never more will see

He whispered goodbye my love old Ireland is calling
High over Dublin our tri colour flies
In the street of the city the foeman is falling
And wee birds are whistling old Ireland arise

All around my hat…

The praying and watching the dark hours passed over
The roar of the guns brought no message to me
I prayed for old Ireland I prayed for my lover
That he might be save and old Ireland be free

All around my hat…

The struggle was ended they brought me the story
The last whispered message he sent on to me
I was true to my land love I fought for her glory
And gave up my life for to make old Ireland free

All around my hat…