Back On The Shore

Dublin O'Shea (L. Donegan/J. Brown)

He lived on the dock-side near Liverpool town
And he often went down to the thrieves and the wagger bond
Ev'ryone knew him as Dublin O'Shea
And some say he came from Killearney

I sing of an Irishman honest and plain
But what's in his name what d'you know of the man himself
He was a sailor and he drank with the same
But he would not contribute to Blarney.

Have another drink boy have one with me
We're home from the sea yes, we're back on the shore
And if you'll find your fill-point in this company
You're rowing heave-ho in the roaryo-mall.

He was a late preacher and a god-feary man
With a glass in his hand such a terrible sinner
He drank to the devil and spit gubb in his eye
And he goes to confession on friday.

Have another drink boy...