Straight Ahead

As I Roved Out (Trad.)

And who are you my pretty fairy maid
And who are you my honey
She answered me quite modestly
"I am my mother's darling!"

And will you come to my mother's house
When the moon is shining clearly
I'll open the door and let you in
And divil the one would hear us

So I went to her house in the middle of the night
When the moon was shining clearly
She opened the door and she let me in
And divil the one did hear us

Then I took her by the lily-white hand
And she led me to the table
She said: "There is plenty of wine for a soldier boy,
So drink it if you're able!"

Then she got up and she made the bed
And she made it nice and aisy
Then I got up and I laid her down
Saying: "Lassie, are you able?"

And there we lay till the break of the day
And divil the one did hear us
Then I arose and put on my clothes
Saying: "Lassie, I must leave you!"

And when will ye return again
And when will we get married?
When broken shells make christmas bells
That's when we get married!